colobockle(コロボックル)とTiger Corporation

Collaboration Series

“Colobockle” is a charming picture book that blends everyday life with imagination to create a humorous world view.
The author of “Colobockle,” Michiko Tachimoto, is collaborating with Tiger Corporation.
Your favorite characters will make an appearance on the stainless steel bottles.


Mr. Raindrop

The fairies make this bottle their home.
They might make an appearance
before your eyes one day as you
carry the bottle around.

Includes stickers that can be attached to the bottle.

  • シール見本
  • シール見本
  • シール見本
  • シール見本
Color Raindrop
Capacity 0.8L

  • The waterdrop embroidery is soft to the touch.

  • The fairies are materialized as pieces of embroidery.

Acorn Boy

The acorns crowd around in the forest.
The lively atmosphere of the
melodic xylophones and joyous acorns
have been immortalized on the bottle.

Includes stickers that can be attached to the bottle.

  • シール見本
  • シール見本
  • シール見本
  • シール見本
Color Acorn<GD>
Capacity 0.8L

  • The acorns and
    musical notes are
    materialized as
    pieces of embroidery.


The line up includes Lion,
our fan favorite, as well as Rabbit and Pig
for a total of 3 characters.

Color Lion<RL>
Capacity 0.6L



The 2WAY type features 2 drinking methods - Direct & Cup

*Lion, Rabbit and Pig - these products are equipped with Straw & Cup 2way style, not with Direct & Cup.


Drink straight from the bottle


Drink from the cup lid
Hot & Cold

Sturdy pouch can be washed in a washing machine

Special attention was given to the pouch as it receives the most damage in everyday life. It protects the bottle, of course, and is made of tear resistant material that can be fully washed when dirty. The base of the bottle incorporates a 3D molded shape for increased stability and durability.

Dirt and odor resistant Super clean processing

As an object to be used everyday, we put extra considerations to the bottle’s cleanliness and ease of maintenance. A technique known as super clean processing is carried out inside the bottle which gives it a smooth and glossy finish. It is dirt and odor resistant. You can always use it cleanly with just a quick wash.


Picture book author
Michiko Tachimoto

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture. She organizes the label, “colobockle,” which plans and
produces multimedia geared for children. As someone who has a playful attitude
when it comes to her creations, she does not limit her creative and
humorous worlds to one field. Starting off with picture books,
she is also involved with educational materials,
commercials, advertisements, posters, packages, character design,
products, textiles, and videos that have a universal theme - “kids.”
Her pictures books have been translated and distributed worldwide
including Europe and Asia. She is a specially appointed associate professor
at Osaka University of Arts, Literary Arts Department
and Osaka University of Arts Junior College, Department of Design and Arts.

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