To all the loyal customers

To all the loyal customers

Tiger Vietnam is very glad to inform all the loyal customers of Tiger products that we have opened a Tiger flagship store on the websites of Tiki and Shopee on 25th January. Tiger anticipate that more people can be aware and more easily to purchase Tiger products.

【Flagship Store】



Tiger products currently can be purchased through various sales channels in Vietnam, however sometimes we receive inquiries from individual customers about where to purchase the products, so we may not be able to offer a lineup of Tiger products to all customers, or we may cause an inconvenience to our customers due to insufficient information.

Therefore, we decided to open our own EC flagship store in order to increase the opportunity that more customers can purchase and aware of our products. Currently, the product lineup listed at the flagship store is limited, but we plan to increase the product lineup at the store in the future. We will do our best to make more customers aware of our products and to purchase them much easier.

We look forward to your continued patronage of Tiger Vietnam and Tiger products.